We are so lucky to live in this area, homes in Cary/Apex/Holly Springs/Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, continue to have a vibrant real estate life.

We are actually a little short on seller homes right now, but….don’t believe what you read…that doesn’t mean that if you list your home it’s going to be a bidding war. Homes still need to be priced to market..and if you don’t, you may wind up ‘chasing that market’ and lowering your price…yes- the walk of shame. lol

I have been involved in hundreds of transactions. Even when I warn a seller their chosen price is too high, they can’t hear me and then when we wind up running after the price, take a wild guess at the person they blame….oh memory….I really should start writing it down and have those sellers sign it….however it happens so rarely because I don’t like taking an overpriced listing. Normally I don’t. Look the thing is, I’m a seasoned professional….I always have my clients best interest at heart. It would be like me telling my accountant I am not going to take his advice…first off, he is so much smarter than me with accounting, he does it almost every day and has for years.  I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t ask questions or maybe suggest something….same with professional you hire.

Getting back to 111 Reton…..what a joy this listing was. Sellers were/are amazing and had cared for this home better than 95% of most sellers.  This home didn’t surprise me when we put it up for sale and received within 12 hours, multiple offers,and technically had it under a verbal agreement – 24 hours later

Ready to sell or buy? I am always happy to speak with potential buyers and sellers to see if we are a good ‘fit’

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