I totally forgot this year, 2020 is a Leaf Year…..

If you don’t know why we have Years that Leap, it’s apparently for the seasons. Apparently,  over the course of hundreds of years, June could actually become December, which if you notice with Retailers, they think June is the time to drag Christmas decorations out for sale anyway,…..sigh. 


So its to keep seasons where they are supposed to be.

And your next question, why does February get the Leap Year?

Well, “Friends, Romans and Countrymen; lend me your ears,”

it was because of Julius Caesar and Roman Emperor,Caesar Augustus, made it happen. You may not remember this from those fun days in schools where you sat staring out the window, but Julius Caesar not only gave us a great salad,

-he also created the calendar

FDNY calendar is for sale by the way

ok back to our story…..now August had only 29 days and February had 30. But,  Caesar Augustus got elected, he decided he wanted August to have more days because of his name (silly narcissist that he was) so he simply added 2 more days to August (and school children everywhere are thankful for the longer school holidays) He also apparently took a day from February. But then they decided they needed to add a day every 4 years to average things out. 

A calendar year is the time that Earth takes to travel around the Sun. That takes 365 days, plus 1/4 day….so you see where I’m going with this? Which is why ‘ The Leap’

For those of you born February 29th- Happy Birthday!!

And if you looking to buy, its probably too late to close Feb 29, but we can certainly start the search on the Leap Year

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