Sharon Lewis’s

2019 New Years Message

When I was growing up, I used to love to visit my Dad at his office. My Dad was literally a self made man, a successful stockbroker, he owned his own firm, in the heart of the business district in downtown Toronto. Starting at the age of 12, during my school holidays I would ask to ‘work’  in his Toronto office and when I turned 17, his European offices.


I loved watching my Dad work……he was SO driven, so passionate. He brought this high energy to the office, to his sales force and into his life. That energy was so contagious. He didn’t act like his work was a ‘job’, watching him, I knew it was his passion.


Passion can change our world, it can and does change lives. A friend of mine is married to a man who was literally homeless and alone when he was a teenager, and now, he is a billionaire….seriously. I believe it was passion that drove him forward. You can have ‘drive’ however if you don’t have the passion to follow it up, you will not learn…..I hope that makes sense to you.


When I started in real estate I knew I would  succeed, wasn’t sure how, but knew I would because I had the passion to succeed.


I believe…..



Passion will have you jumping out of bed in the morning and no matter what is going on, have you looking forward to the challenges of the day ahead.


Have Fun




My Dad used to tell me that business is just a game. There is plenty for everyone. … and he showed me by his actions, that business / work was  and is fun.


I would like to encourage you to stop comparing yourself to others. There is more than enough to go around. Put your ‘blinders’ on and move forward. Don’t steal, don’t lie… the best possible you, and enjoy your life.

I believe, if you start comparing yourself with others, you will not get to where you want to be… can you focus on someone else’s business and yours at the same time? Be original. It’s a lot more interesting. And to all those agents who follow me and try to emulate  my business, stop… focus on how you can be more authentic. Anyone can be a sheep.

Karma. I believe if you do something wrong to someone else you will get it back. Be nice, stop trying to take someone else’s somethings. Focus on your ‘self’.


There are some cool stories about people and their achievements. One of my favorites is Abraham Lincoln’s story, about how often times he ran for public office and ‘lost’ and yet, he is probably one of our most beloved Presidents. 

Albert Einstein, is another example. Could you imagine if he had believed what his teachers had said about him? That he had a ‘learning disability!’


We have all the ‘tools’ we need, inside us, to achieve the kind of life we want to live. I don’t believe you need a million dollars in the bank and a Ferrari in the garage to be happy. I do know having friends, doing what you love and being in good health are more important. Consider your life map…….ultimately what do you want?

I know I am happy having a wonderful family, great friends, good health and a pretty roof over my head 🙂


So take that first step …..and then another and another.



When you are ready to take that next step in buying or selling a home in the Raleigh/ Cary area, call me.


Let’s Get You Moving!(R)


Happy 2019! 



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