Most of us do this in life:

…… we say, “oh if only I had purchased Facebook/ Google/ Bitcoin/ that house, that farm”……..fill in the blank, ” then  I would have made SO much money”  or we say


….. I wish I had bought land ten years ago, look how crazy the market is, I would have made SO much money or…. I wish I had invested in (fill in another blank)….go ahead, fill in the blank.

You didn’t, people didn’t…..but that doesn’t mean you can’t ….now, because ten years from now….. I believe it will be the same thing and lets not get you looking back wishing you had.

If you have been reading my Blogs, you know I grew up in Toronto and spent a lot of years in Los Angeles and at one point did talk about buying something out there, but didn’t really have a clue as to what I would do with it (rent it out, get roommates) or how to buy it, so I didn’t.  When I went back to LA, because my son had moved there, I laughed at the prices, how much they had gone up…..and immediately put a down payment on a new home for my son, so he would have something in the years to come….. because history is cyclical, real estate continues to appreciate and he had to live somewhere.

Here is my suggestion for you

Buy Property, something to rent and hold

If yon’t know anything about buying a secondary or your first home… me. You know when I was younger the internet was not as full of information (and misinformation) as it is now….. you can learn a lot of good (and bad) information from it or …CALL ME…..919 561 0411

I know the market, I am a local expert, and I will advise you and help you buy a place.

If you think can’t afford it, lets get you speaking with a lender or two or three, to really find out that answer and lets have you do a monthly / yearly budget. You can always put a minimal amount down, depending on what your lender says and then get some roommates for a few years.        You are working anyway, so how much time will you be home? See, you can do it!

If you’re a numbers person, then you will appreciate my math….if, when I lived in LA, or Toronto,  I had purchased a home for approximately 300K , put down 5% down payment, gotten some roommates to live with me who would have rented from me, thereby helping to cover my expenses, then my Return on Investment (ROI) today would have been amazing (thats my technical word for, I would have made a ridiculous amount of money)….or to put a number to it, the house would now be worth around 1.5 million or more. And real estate stays in tune with the economy.  A home worth a million years ago is now, many times,  worth millions more….years ago when someone bought a home for a million dollars, it was a big deal, it was a ‘wow’ and now its not out of the norm for my clients to be near or over a million. The market keeps going up.

Now if you already own, you might want to consider refinancing and buy something else, especially in areas like the Triangle that have so much going for it. Long term hold, but you will be nearby to do repairs or oversee repairs. If you purchased something like a condo near one of the Universities here, you could probably rent all the rooms out to students. Its a long term hold with hopefully passive income for you

Real Estate Goes up….., so if you buy in your 20’s, by the time you hit your mid 40’s that property (or properties) should be paid off or paid you back your initial investment at least and then some. Its why I encouraged my son to buy instead of throwing money away on rent. He did, his home has increased in value nearly 10% in two years. Plus he gets to write his mortgage off and its his place. 

If you don’t know about how to invest, read, read and read. There are SO many books on the subject. I don’t like the classes that the TV types give, because those generally could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars and I personally think its a lot of hype….in my opinion. But do look around and see if you can find a ‘mentor’ or going back to the beginning of this paragraph…read, read, read. And then

Write out your business plan, make sure you know your numbers, how much will a new roof cost, a new air conditioning unit, how much will it cost to paint, repair or replace carpets, blinds, appliances etc , do your homework. Know your numbers.

You can also consider renting out the home you currently live in (look at zoning laws, your HOA rules and regulations, covenants and talk to your insurance company etc) 

I am a fan of real estate. I think real estate is a better ‘risk’ than the stock market. Its long term.

And now that you are ready, call, email or text me and

Let’s Get You Moving! (R)