I love bees, I think its because I was raised in the country and my Mum raised bees and pulled the honey off the combs for our consumption and delight.

Mum was truly a ‘farmer’s daughter’, whereas the four of us, were raised by parents who were both stockbrokers, (my Dad owned the firms) and we lived on a ‘gentleman’s farm’, with horses, dogs, barn cats, goats, cows, ducks and chickens, and even a few peacocks. 

I am ever so grateful to parents for moving us into the country from Toronto so we could experience the incredible childhood and relationship with nature we had. Our home had a large lake on it and Dad had it stocked with trout, we used to take our horses in there, on hot summer days.

Anyway I digress…..back to bees. That honey that my Mum took off the combs was the most delicious and super healthy as well. Which is why I am concerned to hear that with all the pesticides people choose to use and landscapers use, that our bee population is being risked. I believe it is our responsibility to make sure there is a balance between how we humans live and how we treat the natural world around us.

I do encourage you to get more pro-active and ask your landscapers to spray somewhere else. And then plant a garden to encourage bees. Stop using the No Mosquito companies as well, because its not just mosquitos that are affected by that spray.

Here is a list of ‘bee loving’ flowers starting with the happy color;

Yellow Flowers. 

Coreopsis Lanceolata- its a happy looking, daisy’ish styled flower, super easy to care for and a perennial but thrives in heat.   

 Coreopsis Tickseed seems to be happy in partial shade as well as full sun. 

Purple/ Pink Flowers

 The New England Aster Daisy should be planted at the back of your garden as it can get up to 4 feet tall! Its also supposed to be Deer Resistant! Happy news for some of you who’s garden purchases have gone into the mouths of deers.


 Love this plant, super easy to grow and have it in my garden. At the end of the season, I dry it out and leave it drawers. Bonus the flower not only attract honey bees, it also gets attention from hummingbirds as well. Its a perennial and you can use part of the plant for tea- just make sure it hasn’t been sprayed.

 Dense Blazing Star-can survive colder weather. It grows wild in parts of the country and is a perennials as well!

Wild Chives. They are super pretty-easy to grow, bonus an herb in your garden perfect for salads.

 Raspberries- double bonus, you feed the bees (and birds) and there is leftover for you! Maybe grow these in a pot, so you can control the location. Look for fruit in about year two, in the late summer

If you want to start your own hive, there are many articles on the web to help, like this one


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