We all love this time of year where summer heat cools down and the fall days signal the start of the holidays ahead like Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holidays in December. We get back ‘on pace’ after a summer of holidays, kids home from school, travel and hiding away from the heat of the hot summer days. Love the cool crisp fall weather and the colors that fall presents.

This time of year I usually pull out my crockpot and breadmaker. There is no better smell than freshly baked bread or better feeling of coming home at the end of the long day and having a bowl of stew and some warm bread to go with it.

Great time to bake Spice Cake and mix up a warm drink of hot chocolate.

Just remember to work those calories off!

I  love apple pie, baked apples, apple crisp and hot cider. So I created a collection of Fall Recipes I thought you might enjoy

Would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes and if you are looking for a home to come home to, call me 

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