In case you haven’t heard, the same people who developed Preston have now broken ground to build a new community in the sleepy town of Pittsboro, near Jordan Lake.  

Pittsboro’s population is currently 4200 but will swell to over 64,000!

Pittsboro was first established in 1787 and is the county seat for Chatham County.

Preston Development, the same group that build Preston in Cary are the developers and are going to build around 22,000 homes, offices and retail spaces which will revitalize the area, but totally change the dynamics of that area.

The projection is that within two years of this blog there will be approximately 700 new homes ready with more homes to follow.


There will be four or five ‘villages’ built in the project that will be built over a period of 12-15 years. Each village will have their own schools, fire and police department . The Developer, Preston Development is spending around 7 million building Chatham Parkway which will connect to the bridge over U.S. 64 bypass

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A commercial development on the east side of U.S> 15-501, is underway near the UNC Health Care office building. That new development will also offer office and retail.


Breaking ground in 2017 , the Eco Group’s 350 acre, mixed use development that will combine restaurants,retail, movie theatres, hotels as well as a 55 Plus apartment community. They are expecting the project to be completed by 2020.

….more to come, we will keep updating this Blog as more information is released.

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