As long as I can remember I have been a positive person. I know that is an enormous ‘gift’ in life. I believe it is one of the reasons I am so successful.

I don’t have the capability to be ‘depressed’. I believe I received that ‘gift’ from both my parents, who just were always up and positive. They didn’t run around our home telling us kids, all kinds of corny things like ‘you are what you think’ or “life gives you what you hand out” They just lived in a positive, upbeat way, with their actions. (so parents, heads up…..your actions DO speak louder than your words) Even now, speaking to my Mum on the phone, I marvel at the sound of her voice which has a positive vibrancy to it.

I remember telling myself when I was in my teens, that I would only allow myself a ‘positive’ life. I knew then, what I still know now, that I have complete control over EVERYTHING that ‘happens’ to me. For example-if some thoughtless driver cuts you off- its not like they got out of bed that morning and though, “alrighty, let me make it my mission to cut (insert your name here) off”. That driver made a mistake, so you can either, go over the top-angry, scream and yell at them, stare at them after you have laid on your horn for 15 minutes or…choose…to simply drive by, don’t look at them and immediately think of something else. Its that simple, its your choice how you ‘feel’

So here is what I recommend to get you there.

Every time you have a negative thought, replace it, have a positive one already in mind. Print it out, put it in front of you at the office or on your kitchen frig,write it on your hand. Throughout your day, be grateful. Stop once an hour, (put it on your calendar) and be grateful for ‘fill in the blank’. It could be little, like you are grateful for the beautiful ride to work or your neighbor’s smile or the fresh cup of coffee you are able to purchase.

Work out… is amazing how a good work can have you tingling with great vibrations.

Eat healthy, dump the junk, and eat only ‘whole’ food that has not been mutated by the food industry.

There has been research that being positive creates better health, better immune systems and better lives.

Try something different every day, even if that means taking a different route home or trying a different food or reading a different type of book. The world has SO much to offer…..try something different. Never hugged a tree?….go for it. Never sat down and really looked at blade of grass? Try it. It doesn’t have to cost anything.

Get rid of the negative people in your life or if you can’t do that right now because you work with them, are married to them or they are your neighbors, ignore what they are doing. Look, when someone ‘angers’ you, its your ego working, so dump the ego. Don’t allow anyone’s actions to have any kind of re-action with you. (it can be done) Practice…. not allowing them in.

Do your ‘Core Value’ exercise which is simply write down what is important to you. I did this and came up with 18 items and then pulled that down to my 6 most important. Those 6 help me live my life each day. This can be your New’s Year resolution, something to re-examine every year.

And finally, reach out to groups who have a positive feel for you, whether that is your local wine making group, a charity event, a runners/biking group, bird watchers, car club, try something new- be the adventuress / adventurer you were meant to be!

Here’s your take away: Practice being positive, write down what makes you happy. Create a shield against people in your life who are negative, Do something different every day,

You DO have the power to change what is around you.

With Love