So many reasons to move here…..

Lets start looking at it all.

This area is constantly getting accolades,  ‘The Best of….’ The Top etc and why not, we are close to the mountains, close to the ocean, easy commute to New York and easy commute to Florida, we have an impressive Research Triangle Park with top companies making this area their home. We have non stop direct flights to the UK and to other places in Europe as well as the West Coast of the nation and to Canada.

Great schools, shopping, …as my son used to mention, trees for days and lighter traffic than large cities. This place has grown SO much over the past twenty years. And continues to do so, with well run cities like Cary, NC implementing plans to work with the growth. 

Here is Wallet Hub’s Best Places for First-Time Home Buyers VERSUS list…Cary made lowest property crime rate, Raleigh made the #1 place to live, Cary made #4 on the list for the Best Place for First time home buyers

Check out more graphs and Wallet Hub’s Best and Worst Places…

2017’s Best & Worst Places for First-Time Home Buyers

Best Places for First-Time Home Buyers
Overall Rank (1 = Best) City Total Score ‘Affordability’ Rank ‘Real-Estate Market’ Rank ‘Quality of Life’ Rank
1 McKinney, TX 68.32 191 1 7
2 Frisco, TX 68.2 175 2 5
3 Allen, TX 68.15 151 6 3
4 Cary, NC 67.98 29 19 46

Whether you are purchasing a home in the millions or a first time home buyer, the process can be challenging and time consuming and if you don’t have an EXPERIENCED,full time Realtor, the experience can be frustrating and cost you thousands of dollars.

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In the meantime, enjoy Wallet Hub’s chart for areas in the country, Best vs Worst