I am a very direct person. When you ask me to assess your house and let you know what will work for the quick sale of your house, I AM going to tell you. You and I are not going to dance around the subject, I am not going to hold your hand. I am direct, my insights are based on millions and millions of dollars in homes I have sold.

Here’s the truth, that ugly, old furniture and granny drapes will hinder the sale of your home, no, if’s, and’s and buts. Buyers will not see past it.

Toss the ugly, or store it if you love it.

Here is what I know. Don’t hang on to the furniture because you paid ‘x’ amount for it twenty years ago. Its now twenty years old, you have gotten your use out of it.

Your great great aunt gave it to you and you keep it for sentimental reasons even though you don’t even like it (take it out of the room and put it in storage for the duration of the sale then) Your house will actually show ‘worse’ with it in there.

You think someone may see it and want to buy it as they go through your home….Nooooooooo, they won’t and you are holding up the potential sale of your home. This is not a yard sale, its a home sale. Nobody wants to buy your furniture.

Let me be a bit softer now, here’s the thing, your furniture and appliances are worth maybe 1/10th of what you paid for them, depending on how many years ago you purchased them.

Antiques are not ‘in’, (ask an interior designer)

Staged homes sell the best and can bring more money to the table.

It is challenging to sell a home that is fully furnished with most buyer’s furniture and I am including those drapey things some people have hanging over their windows thinking its an elegant look. Its not, it catches dust and that look went out years and years ago…..its not what any of the buyers I work with want, so take them down, store them and put them up in your new home if you must or better yet, throw them out.

So many sellers were not given the information I just gave you, by their agents. I know a lot of agents read my blogs and follow me, so agents……. get with it, tell your sellers the truth, or if you don’t know the truth, take a design course, if you do know it but ‘don’t want to hurt your clients feelings’, hire a stager to put between you and your clients while you tuck your tail between your legs.

Getting back to that ugly old furniture- perhaps it has some value, but not to most buyers, even if its free. So please, stop trying to ‘off’ it on the new owners.

When I walk a seller’s home I give them my honest opinion based on experience, however….. sometimes, sellers don’t want honesty. They want to be told exactly what they want to hear, and then eventually, after their home has sat and sat on the market, they’ll wake up to reality.

Staging works- just go into any model home, generally speaking, most people like what the designer has staged. It’s designed to appeal to the masses.

Same with HGTV- its designed to appeal to the masses, so if that works, and it does, why wouldn’t you, the seller follow that plan, the same plan that national home builders have paid big dollars for? I am not asking you to change the way you decorate, if you like that look, its your home, re-create that look in your new home, however, for the sale….it needs to be changed. And when I walk in, I am going to be honest with you which is why so many of the homes we list, sell in a matter of days.

Go neutral, modern which appeals to ALL buyers in the buyer pool. Don’t tell me “if the buyers don’t like it they can (fill in the blank here) Buyers won’t and you are giving money away. You are not the professional in the sale of your home. I am.

I like to say you have to ‘add to a home, by subtracting’

Just because its a seller’s market in some price points doesn’t mean you get to leave the ugly…..remove it, repaint and get ready for selling.

No Ugly! 🙂