I get asked by my clients and friends why I start my day SO early -generally at 4:30-5am.

Its because it is the most profoundly peaceful time of day for me. My phone is quiet, email is still sleeping, texts are sshhhh’d

I love that time of day.

Its a time for me to re-group for a hectic day ahead.

Many successful albeit happy people have morning rituals, for example starting your day with meditation or going for a run or working out.

I am a strong believer in giving yourself an hour dedicated to you during the day, mornings work best for me, may not be what works for you though……I believe a morning work out sets the tone for the day and sets you up for success for the rest of your life as well. Here’s the thing, you give so much of yourself to everyone around you, your co-workers, clients, pets, children etc…..why not put the crown of love on your head and dedicate a simple hour to celebrate your wonderful self. If you can practice taking an hour a day to simply ‘be’ by working out or even taking a walk and quieting everything around you, you will also be opening that door of creativity in your mind. Its amazing the thoughts you get, if you just get off the rails of that speeding train called life. And at the end of the week, open the treasure trove of your life and you will find you actually took a complete day in the week to celebrate your life (1 hour a day multipled by 7 =7 hours which is practically a day-yahoo)

Try it, try waking up 15 minutes earlier and then 20 and then 30. Make sure you dedicate that time to celebrate you….oh, please go to bed earlier, lol you still need that 6-8 hour period to sleep.