I recently read an article about the average price’ of an apartment in 30 major cities.

I started to daydream about taking 5 years off – traveling and living in 5 cities. A Year for each city.

Some of the cities to choose from on my long list are: Casablanca, Montreal, Toronto (my home town),

Taipei, Munich, Frankfurt, Osaka, Vancouver, Shenzhen, Luxembourg,

London, Cayman Islands, Melbourne, Beijing,

Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Washington, Seoul, Los Angeles, Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich, Geneva, Hong Kong, Boston, San Francisco , New York.

It reminded me of a book I had read with my son when he was about 9 years old. The book was called ONE YEAR OFF: Leaving It All Behind for A Round-the-World Journey with Our Children. Its about a family who sold most everything, stored their photos and a few other items and headed out to experience life in the world. It captivated me, and I even suggested to my husband that we do it….we didn’t. We did however travel to Europe the following year for three weeks which was amazing as my son the following year, studied the places we went in school, so the books came to life for him.

I think we all work so hard and the thought of getting out and getting away appeals to the ‘gypsies’ in us. doesn’t it?

I have had a number of clients in the past few years, who did that….they sold or gave away their stuff and headed out for new adventures. One couple sold everything to live and travele in their boat for two years before settling down again in a new town they discovered during their boat trip. Other clients have simply moved to an area they don’t know much about, but the aesthetics of the area, appealed to them so they went. Another family moved to Germany, another to France- to rural France actually where they could ‘live off the land’, raise chickens, and their own food. Just had a couple move out to Arizona, they simply liked the look of the town, bought a house and have settled in it.

I know we are taught to create a career, work hard, buy a house, have children, but do we really need to do that? Can’t we live instead a simple existence. And live from place to place over the years? Aren’t experiences better than things?

I think life has gotten so complicated, that many of us simply want to dial it back and live a simpler existence without having tech intrude so much on our lives. Dial it back….thats such a great expression.

I believe we all need to take a breath and enjoy our world. Maybe not as dramatically as some of my clients perhaps a weekend to start with and of course, DREAM

Let me know where your adventures take you…..and yes, I would be happy to sell your home for you and help you buy wherever life takes you!