I never really struggled with weight until I came into the Real Estate profession, where I ate my client’s ‘troubles or stress’ in calories-lol.

Prior to that I had been in the public eye, working in the media, so keeping weight off was a daily act of ‘mindfulness’ , as news anchor I had to be trim.

Stress Eating…..I know why we do it, it’s the end of the day after we have chased through the real estate world ( or your business world) putting out client fires, and we head home, exhausted and simply try to ‘settle down’ with something that will nurture us.

I would bet dollars to donuts

most of you who struggle with an extra pound or two or three or ten, live this way as well.

Every night we chill on food and every morning we enter the monster that is our closet, holding sizes we dream of easily slipping into but can’t and reprimand ourselves for the food we consumed the night before.

You are probably like me, you do hit the gym in the morning or during the day

So join me, this year as we seek to lose an easy one pound a week for the next 8 weeks.

Email me if you are in!