Unless you have been on vacation in the South Seas with no access to internet for the past few years (lucky you!) you have probably been reading or hearing its a ‘Sellers Market’ with low inventory.

Let me explain that though….if someone has a home they have never fixed up, lived hard in it – meaning the carpets are bare, walls need painting, wood floors look so bad they may need to be replaced, brass fixtures everywhere, and the roof has so many holes in it you can pretend they are skylights haha….those homes, could and do sit on the market for really long periods of time, especially with the seller believes his/her home is as good as the shiny updated neighbors home and have priced it the same as their neighbors….so I say, Pollyanna, take off those rose colored glasses…lets get real. Just because its low inventory in this area of Raleigh/Durham doesn’t mean buyers will jump at anything. Its not that kind of market. Buyers are still choosey and can do the math of what it will cost to fix that house up.

Sellers, if you want to sell, take a fresh look at your home, breath some new life into it, if it needs it. Hire a stager, they are going to ‘tell it like it is’ And do the updates if you want to make the dollars. Updates could mean, new floors, kitchens and baths, granite, shiny stainless appliances and some love on your landscape.

Want to know what happens if you ignore updates….its like taking money and shredding it. Plus your can potentially sit on the market for months and months. It will get lonely. Its like going to a dance and no one asking you to dance

When you go to sell, talk with me- and set a price that shows you have done your home work and understand that (for example) if the home needs a new roof and you don’t want to or can’t pay for one, you will taken thousands and thousands off the asking price to reflect that. Be willing to list your home to reflect the condition its in.

Remember, not only do we have to find that buyer who will understand your pricing, ultimately, the buyer’s appraiser is going to have to understand it…and they have a formula.

I have sold millions in real estate, and from my years of experience I have found that homes that are updated sell, in any market, in a buyers or a sellers market. So Shine Her Up!

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